About Us


Meet Karli

Hello, I'm Karli! I am the owner of Karli Hemmerling Design. Being born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, I began to be passionate about interior design. I graduated from Lethbridge College with my Interior Design Dipolma in 2013 and have over 5 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry. Myself and my husband, Matt, started Karli Hemmerling Design in May 2018 to provide Lethbridge and surrounding area Custom Cabinetry and Interior Design Services. 


Meet Matt

My name is Matt and I am Karli's husband. My role in the company is just like our marriage: do whatever Karli says! Working in the Real Estate industry allows me to provide clients educated opinions regarding what will add value to your home, and we are confident we have the products and services to be able to execute this plan. I work alongside Karli and the contractors to ensure the quality of our work superceeds our client's expectations.


Why We Started

Matt and I decided to start Karli Hemmerling Design because it is something we are passionate about. Nothing makes us happier than walking into our home and loving being home. We also love walking into an organized yet stylish home. Custom built storage units don't have to be made of just wire and plywood. They can also be appealing to the eye and make life much more organized and that's why we began. We have a huge selection of colours and materials to choose from so you don't have to change your whole home or colour scheme to make these build-in pieces work. We do what we do because we want home owners to love their home as much as we love ours.